Boneless Serrano Jamon by Fuente

With a jamón serrano you are moments away from a sunny street corner bistro in Spain...

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Serrano jamon cured 18 months
Weight: 5 - 6kg 
30-50 servings, depending on appetite

This jamón serrano (literally, mountain ham) has had the bone removed and has been trimmed so it's easy to cut and can be stored in your refrigerator. It can be cut with the included jamon knife or on a machine slicer.

This jamon, sold under the Fuente label, is made in the province of Zaragoza, one of Spain's premier Serrano regions. It is the reserve jamon, which means it has been cured for at least 18 months. This serrano is a staple at better restaurants in Spain.

As it is cured, a boneless serrano jamon will last for weeks in your refrigerator. Thin-slice it on a crusty baguette rubbed with garlic and tomato with a dash of olive oil for the tastiest jamon sandwich imaginable. You can also make all manner of tapas with it and use it to add its unique flavor to cooked dishes and soups.


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