Jamon Serrano by Fuente

You don't get more authentic than this. A serrano jamon on a jamon stand in your kitchen, knife at the ready. You'll find yourself and family wandering over for a slice more often than you might think.


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 Whole Spanish Serrano jamon cured 18 months
 Free range and Grain-fed
 Weight: 8-9 kg 
 Free jamon holder and jamon knife or Iberian Sausage Sampler

Here is everything you need to enjoy serrano jamon the way the Spanish do: a famliy-sized serrano jamon, traditional wooden jamon stand, and a long, flexible, razor-sharp jamon knife.

This jamon is made in the famed Teruel region by Fuente, one of Spain's premier Serrano houses. It is their reserve jamon, which means it has been cured for at least 18 months. Fuente serrano is a staple at better restaurants and tables across Spain.  


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