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Jamon Questions

How do I store a jamon? Before you cut into it, your jamon will easily keep for three months. If you're keeping it for a week or two, you can leave it in its box out of the sun (inside the box, your jamon vacuum-packed.) To store it for a longer time, it's better to put it on a ham holder or to hang it. In both cases, it's best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Once you start cutting it, it's best to store it on its ham holder.

How long does a jamon last? You can keep your jamon without cutting into it for 3 months, but it's best to store it on a ham holder or hang it. Once you start eating it, it will last about a month. It's best to cut from it regularly, to keep it from drying out. One good trick is to save the first big piece of skin you cut from it and use that to cover the exposed bits.

Does it need to be refrigerated? Jamones do not need refrigeration. Off-the-bone jamones and sliced jamon are best kept in the refrigerator once you open them.

Is it hard to cut? It takes a bit of practice. We provide a ham knife and a wooden ham holder with all our hams so you can get started right away.

How long will it take to arrive? We ship via UPS standard, expedited (2-3 days), and express (1-2 days). All our hams and other delicacies ship from our warehouse in Toronto. Some accessories, such as Jamotec ham holders, may be shipped from our warehouse in Connecticut, USA, depending on stock.

Do I need a ham holder? Yes. It's very hard to cut a jamon without one. Luckily all of our bone-in jamones come with one. You can also purchase basic and professional models in our Accessories section.

How much jamon do I need? Large jamones weighs between 15 and 18 lbs. About half of this is tasty jamon (the rest is skin, fat, and bone). If you are serving jamon as a tapa or starter, 2 oz. per person is a good rule (although people will eat a lot more if left to their own devices, good jamón is highly addictive). For a main course 4 oz. is more appropriate.

There are so many to choose from...how do I decide? See Choosing a Jamon!

Fast Delivery

We offer fast, reliable  UPS delivery to all provinces from our warehouse in Toronto. Choose UPS standard, expedited (2-3 days), and express (1-2 days). To see delivery cost, add an item to your shopping cart.

You'll receive a shipping confirmation with tracking the moment we ship your order.

Your order is safely packaged to ensure it arrives fresh and in perfect condition. Note that some accessories, such as our Jamotec ham holders, may be shipped from our Connecticut, USA warehouse, depending on stock.

Returns Policy

We want our customers to be satisfied. If your order doesn't meet your expectations, call Josh and Guy at 646 396 3007. We'll make things right.

Security and Privacy

We're here to provide you with great ham and other Spanish products, not expose you to risk or cause you headaches. All transactions are encrypted. We don't record or store your credit card information. We'll never give your email or personal information to anyone, ever.

Wholesale and Corporate Pricing

We offer trade pricing for restaurants, caterers, hotels, etc. Please contact us at wholesale@hamlovers.com for more information. We also offer discounts and personalisation for corporate gifts. Please contact us at corporate@hamlovers.com.

Shipping to Europe and the USA

We have another hub in Barcelona, Spain, from which ship to anywhere in the EU. If you'd like ham sent outside of Canada, please visit one of our international shops:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

United States

About Hamlovers the company

Hamlovers.ca is owned and operated by Hamlovers LLC. Our headquarters is located at 1016 Lake Ave., Greenwich, CT 06831 USA.